Temperature Control and Crack Control of HZS concrete mixing plant


HZS concrete mixing plant in the summer construction must pay attention to weather forecast, as far as possible to avoid pouring concrete when it rains. The site prepared enough rain cloth, used to cover the material, the structure of the rain, especially just pouring concrete. When the rain in the pouring should be covered at any time, rain and discharge of water, to prevent rain soaking, erosion, affecting quality. Such as sudden encounter heavy rain, should be retained construction joints, lien position to comply with national norms.

According to the analysis of concrete temperature stress and shrinkage stress, it is necessary to strictly control the temperature index within the allowable range, so that the concrete does not cause cracks.

Adding the admixture and admixture, reducing the amount of cement, reducing the heat of hydration, adding fly ash, replacing part of the cement, adding water to reduce the water-cement ratio, that is, the amount of water used to achieve the purpose of the least cement, Total heat.

Concrete pouring, the vibrating to be dense, in order to reduce the amount of shrinkage, improve the crack strength of concrete. And pay attention to the plate surface pressure, can be in the concrete after the initial coagulation, the final condensate before the second wiping pressure to improve the tensile strength of concrete to reduce the amount of shrinkage. After pouring concrete, should be timely water conservation or wet material coverage, careful conservation, to prevent strong winds and sun exposure.
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