Solid waste treatment method for HZS concrete mixing plant


As we all know, HZS concrete mixing plant wastewater usually contains cement, gravel and admixture and other strong alkaline substances, direct emissions of soil and soil pollution. In addition, the aggregate portion of the waste residue can be reused. Therefore, the previous HZS concrete mixing plant on the waste water residue and other free disposal, both the destruction of the environment, but also caused a great waste of resources.

The recovery and utilization of waste water from the HZS concrete mixing plant is a technology that separates and recovers the concrete material remaining in the mixer and recovers the waste water produced by the cleaning of the road and equipment to the use standard and then is added to the concrete. The The technology can be traced back to the earliest in the last century 80s Japan, Germany and other Western countries, in recent years, the city has also introduced a HZS concrete mixing plant waste water recycling and concrete sand separation equipment. So how to waste concrete, waste water and waste recycling and rational re-use, highlight the environmental protection and energy conservation of the dual value.

Wash the pump to take a clear recovery of water, through the car wash water pipe into the mixer to do car washing water. After the washing of the sewage and debris into the waste trough, with the trough flushing pump to extract the sewage generated by the mixing tank of high-speed flow of water into the gravel sewage recycling classifier. Sand and stone classifier from the sewage separation, can be re-mixed concrete raw materials, and sewage through the drain tank back to the mixing tank.

Mixer pool agitator cyclical rotation, so that the sewage is not evenly precipitated, through the mud pump to stir upstairs in the temporary tank. The solenoid valve of the temporary tank outlet closes or opens according to the signal from the main unit to inject water into the water metering scale and returns to the concrete as the material for stirring the concrete.

The separator will automatically determine the running time according to the departure time of the mixer. After the operation is completed, the water will be automatically rinsed. After the rinsing is complete, open the solenoid valve and drain all the residual mud water in the separator.

Mixing station mixing tank are equipped with a stirrer and pool surface safe galvanized grid, PLC software automatically control the operation time of the stirrer to prevent the sewage sedimentation. Each mixing tank and the pool in a certain order, under the surface of the water flow channel connected to the surface of the pump connected.

HZS concrete mixing plant waste water recycling technology can reduce production costs, with good economic and social benefits, it is worth promoting. However, before the actual use of waste water residue, the need for the corresponding concrete performance test, which can effectively avoid some unforeseen circumstances.
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