Analyze the cause of the large inclination belt conveyor


At this stage, the mining industry is also using the large inclination belt conveyor is constantly upgrading, adding a lot of new features for the users operation and maintenance to provide a convenient. In the mining industry, most of the large inclination belt conveyor is more than one equipment transport, to complete the delivery operation, if a conveyor in operation in the improper operation or material blockage and other reasons to stop the operation of the equipment, the motor prone to overweight, motor The sound is not normal, you need to stop and check the equipment in time to find out where the fault.

Large inclination belt conveyor should be installed in the correct place sensor, the mining industry is more complex, equipment prone to problems, but if not found in time will cause other parts at the same time damage, resulting in greater losses. If the large inclination belt conveyor belt failure, such as the motor burned, mechanical transmission part of the damage, belt or chain break, belt slip and other phenomena, in order to reduce the probability of failure and can find the cause of failure in the design and production can be installed with some downtime , Control the function of the sensor or control switch, so that after the problem, the sensor switch components will automatically send a signal control shutdown, and issued an alarm, which can reduce the loss of the fault, but also to detect the failure of the components, Saving maintenance personnel to find a wide range of time wasted time.

Large inclination belt conveyor conveyor belt in the transport of the need to maintain a certain tension, if for some reason the conveyor belt is loose, did not meet the required tension, it is easy to slip on the drive roller, if not timely adjustment will cause to start Difficult and wear the belt, not only affect the conveyor conveyor efficiency, but also shorten the belt life. large inclination belt conveyor Tensioning device is to make the conveyor belt to the necessary tension, so as not to slip on the drive roller, and the conveyor belt between the roller to ensure that the deflection within the specified range. The new belt and the use of a period of time compared to the belt length and tension are different, belt tensioning device must be adjusted in time.

Large inclination belt conveyor is more than the use of multi-aircraft transport mode, therefore, the equipment control, operation are using intelligent remote control, so that when a device failure, the conveyor on the automatic alarm device will Signal feedback to the operator, the operator according to the feedback information, you can directly find the fault location and maintenance, saving maintenance personnel to find the fault time, can save a lot of time, the greatest degree of recovery for the user to bring the loss.
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