Material handling and loading belt Bonding Process


Material handling and loading belt in the glue, the first part of the joint cleaning in the net, draw the construction size line, including the baseline, the center line, cut off the line, cutting line, edge cutting line and core cutting line.

Cut along the scribe cover glued rubber peeling, and then cut along the direction of the rope, pull out the wire rope scraping the surface of the wire rope, steel rope by 1400mm, 700mm intermittent cut off. Playing the hair to use electric disk wire brush to remove the surface of the wire rope residual glue, polished joints of the various parts, pay attention to the edge of the exposed wire rope can not be polished. Gluing is the wire rope and joints at the glue and clean, coated twice mortar. Fit is the first curing machine under the rack, water pressure plate, the next heating plate in turn put, and then in the above shop white cloth. Laying under the adhesive sheet, gluing in the next, the core of the glue on the pre-composite surface coating dry and then placed on the curing machine on the curing plate.

And then in the material handling and loading belt connector on the lid under the cover of 45 ¡æ beveled 1mm thick slope of the tape. The adhesive connector on the next adhesive sheet, pull the line to find the center of the two joints, the positive, to find the center of the joint wire rope, according to the two-way lap way, from the center to the two sides were arranged in the wire rope and embedded in the filling , The wire rope as straight as possible, both sides of the belt plus plastic, in the wire rope docking gap, and other gaps filled with filling.

Finally covered with adhesive sheet, the first on the core plastic, and then cover the plastic, the middle to brush glue, and finally by hand roll compaction, in order to improve the strength, can be added between the plastic and plastic Glue to strengthen canvas. Wire rope lap after the release, in both sides of the edge of the width of 50mm side of the plastic, and then on the core plastic, plastic cover, the thickness of the original tape is not less than the thickness. Trim the edge, put the side of the iron and tape tightly fixed, in the last covered with plastic cloth on the white cloth, put the heating plate, insulation board, on the rack, and the next frame alignment, alignment, uniform tightening. Connect the control box, press the pump, turn on the power, carry out vulcanization. When the two vulcanizing machines are used side by side, the interface is padded with 0.5mm thick metal. Curing end, cut off the power, so that the natural curing machine curing, the temperature dropped to 80 ¡æ, demolition of curing machine.
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