How to install the large inclination belt conveyor deviation switch


In the use of the large inclination belt conveyor, the deviation of the operation of the switch is directly related to the production process equipment and personnel safety. Therefore, how to make the large inclination belt conveyor protection device stable and reliable in the production operation to give full play to the role of security, has a very important practical significance.

Large inclination belt conveyor is easy to run in the run and slip is a common problem in the use of the user, these problems can easily lead to damage such as conveyor belt failure, and even affect the safety of personnel, so the installation of these protective devices on the conveyor is extremely necessary of. Common to prevent the conveyor deviation and slip of the device there are two: deviation switch and skid switch, where we look for the selection and installation of the switch to explain, I hope to help you.

Large inclination belt conveyor deviation switch is used to detect the large inclination belt conveyor during the operation, the conveyor belt deviation and alarm of a protective device, but also for the belt in a serious deviation when the automatic trigger emergency shutdown. The deviation switch is fixedly mounted on the bracket on both sides of the large inclination belt conveyor at regular intervals. The roller part of the deviation switch is deflected after being pressed by the edge of the conveyor belt which deviates from the center, and when the roller is deflected to a certain angle, the switch contact action.

Deviation switch selection, try to choose two or more level deviation switch, you can detect the degree of deviation of the belt, for the control system to provide more information. The priority of the switch body with action memory and action status indication of the product. As the large inclination belt conveyor is dynamic operation, with this feature, you can easily determine the specific location of the belt deviation, analysis of the reasons for deviation, but also facilitate equipment commissioning and maintenance. The mounting bracket of the deviation switch should be configured so as to adjust the position of the deviation switch position along the belt. This is in order to adjust the scope of the deviation according to the actual situation of the field.
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