Twin shaft concrete mixer to focus on security management device


The equipment safety management of twin shaft concrete mixer should adhere to the principle of "safety first, prevention first", constantly update and improve the safety technology level, and timely and effectively eliminate the unsafe factors in the operation of the equipment to ensure the project property and personal safety.

1, always pay attention to the mixing station mechanical instrument indicator light, to ensure the safe operation of machinery, to maintain the maintenance of machinery, maintenance.

2, the use of strict electrical equipment, non-local personnel shall not start the switch, do not use the fuse does not meet, leave the job when the power cut off, the problem should be requested electrician.

3, concrete mixing station equipment safety inspection personnel responsible for the use of regular inspection and non-periodic inspection of the combination of ways to eliminate equipment failure in the bud.

4, the twin shaft concrete mixer equipment accessories adhere to the "safety first" principle, put an end to the use of no site, no production certificate, no production date of the product.

5, with the local meteorological department in close cooperation with the daily concern about the weather forecast, winds, heavy rain season to make timely measures to improve the mixing station wind resistance.
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