Analysis on Standardized Management Measures of commercial concrete mixing plant


With the rapid development of Chinas economy, the state planning of highways, railways and other large-scale construction have been launched. Construction units find ways to scientifically allocate resources, standardize the construction organization, and controllable costs. The establishment of a rationalized concrete construction is the preferred choice for most construction units. The mixing station as a project of the "logistics department", the essential work is to prepare for the continuous casting of concrete, to the continuous construction of concrete. All of these must be based on the safety and reliability of machinery and equipment, timely supply of raw materials in place, with the staff. Can improve the existing model, tap the potential, grasp the good news of the transceiver and quality control, rational allocation of machinery and equipment, the establishment of the library, the staff of the integrated management of these four blocks, do fine, reduce unnecessary losses, So that the commercial concrete mixing plant efficient low-power operation.

First, the standardization of raw materials management

Raw materials weighing the implementation of the ombudsman system, the Ombudsman must be the unit staff, and have a strong sense of responsibility, have the spirit of hard work. The Ombudsman can change the system on a monthly or quarterly basis, and a two-day system can be implemented on a daily basis. The Ombudsman must record the exact quantity of the arrival of each vehicle, and the two can record according to the field video and the weighing record Data, and signature confirmation. After the confirmation of the day of the purchase of various raw materials submitted to the material manager to keep the accountant according to the monthly amount of concrete pouring, according to the ratio of raw materials used to calculate the number of raw materials, combined with the amount of inventory, deduct the normal loss, This months raw material profit and loss situation. And in accordance with the work of the Ministry of Industry plans to combine the actual production situation, timely purchase of raw materials to control, so that start material foot.

Second, the mixing station equipment reasonable configuration

Should be based on the commercial concrete mixing plant construction site conditions with a reasonable allocation of vehicle demand, control the grid spacing, so that the scene is neither pressure car, but also to ensure the continuous supply of concrete to ensure the quality of concrete construction. Concrete mixer truck in the charge before the water must be poured into the tank, the transport process to keep the tank continued to slow rotation to ensure that the workability of concrete, and should be based on the temperature and concrete performance, control the pump time , In the transport and pumping process is strictly prohibited any water. Mix the truck every time the transport should be washed once the tank, before filling the water inside the net to prevent the impact of concrete water-cement ratio. Mixing tanker tank should be in the winter insulation measures, the maximum temperature in the summer more than 40 ¡æ, there should be insulation measures, the concrete transported to the pouring site temperature, the maximum should not exceed 35 ¡æ, the minimum should not be less than 5 ¡æ.

Third, oil management

For the oil management of each device to establish fuel consumption stand-alone file, the implementation of stand-alone accounting system, especially the mixer, pump, to strengthen the fuel control, each vehicle fuel tank lock, refueling by the refueling person unified unlock. At the end of the month, according to the amount of bicycle transport, calculate the fuel consumption of each side, for all the mixer, pump truck according to models, the use of years to compare, from the fuel consumption and found that the timely correction of the problem, in order to control the cost of oil. And timely make oil plans to ensure that each vehicle before the work of adequate oil.

Fourth, strengthen the comprehensive management of personnel

Strengthen the skills of personnel training, and fully tap the potential of each person, so that more than a job, such as repair workers can not open the case of the mixer, with a class or driver can open the loader, mixer driver can operate pump or pump , So that both can save costs, but also increase the income of workers, improve the enthusiasm of workers work. And to be careful and accurate assessment, reward and punishment clearly, everything is evidenceable.

Commercial concrete mixing plant in the construction of the status of more and more prominent, is the development of the industry needs for standardization, standardization made a lot of requirements, only in the construction process to constantly sum up experience, and constantly improve the management level, in order to play the mixing station in the project management The effect of the desired economic effect.

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