Details of the large inclination belt conveyor roller cleaning device


In the use of large inclination belt conveyor, the occurrence of waste is an inevitable phenomenon, in order to automatically clean up these garbage, large inclination belt conveyor roller designed automatic cleaning device. Here to find out about it

Large inclination belt conveyor in the delivery of wet materials, the conveyor belt on the back, roller and roller easy sticky material. These adhesive materials, can not be cleaned when the boot, a large amount of manual cleaning after the shutdown, such as the emergence of the conveyor belt to adjust the tension device is also difficult to adjust. We designed a threaded roller, in the conveyor belt tail, to the drum, tension roller and other easy accumulation of parts, the use of thread removal of material and correction.

There are two types of screw rollers in the large inclination belt conveyor, one kind of main cleaning effect from the cleaning agent, the other is the main correction and the effect of the cleaning material. Clear roller with ordinary ¦µ89mm flat roller and mounting bracket, with three ¦µ6mm steel bar at the same time winding the smooth surface of the roller, welding left and right symmetry, pitch uniform thread. Using a small section of welding can be to ensure that the same level of thread. In the rolling thread, the use of torch heating steel bars, red after the clamp, pressure, percussion, welding gradually welded thread. Be careful not to temperature too high to prevent damage to the roller on both sides of the nylon bearing. The pitch on a roller should be kept as consistent as possible to prevent axial forces. Clear Roller The use of thread rolling and belt function to remove the roller and belt surface 95% of the material to ensure that the drum and belt surface clean. It is not too much for the blank roller to act as a lower roller, depending on the length of the belt, or under the tension roller, or near the belt head and tail, instead of the ordinary roller.

In the case of the deviation and accumulation of the U-shaped conveyor belt, the method of disposing the threaded roller with a single rotation and symmetry is usually carried out in the opposite direction to the belt conveying direction so that the screw lift Force toward the center of the belt.
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