Environment friendly commercial concrete batching plant material losses cause analysis and preventive measures


Environment friendly commercial concrete batching plant, the raw material is the mixing station can not be ignored in a ring, the loss of raw materials affect the production costs of the mixing plant, greatly increasing the production of mixing stations. Here, Lianhua to talk about the reasons for the loss of raw materials loss plant and its corresponding preventive measures which.

First, the raw materials to the station, the loader is not accurate, weighing the number of large, resulting in overweight storage materials.


1, regular scale, to ensure accurate weighbridge.

2, weighbridge weighing the number of votes compared with the number of votes, take the minimum value as the actual weight.

Second, the raw materials storage, due to driver reasons, site reasons, equipment, lead to storage loss, such as gravel admission after discharge is not standardized, part of the gravel is not storage, powder into the tank part of the powder from the top overflow.


1, the receiving staff should require all the gravel car drivers in the designated location of the material, and notify the installed driver in time to fill the warehouse outside the warehouse.

2, the mechanics should regularly check the powder tank dust removal device, the timely replacement of damaged air filter.

3, the receiving staff should request the powder car driver punching the appropriate pressure, the pressure is too high will lead to a large number of powder overflow from the tank top.

Third, the use of materials, mixing tower measurement scale is not accurate, weighing the number of small, resulting in computer consumption less than the actual consumption of the number.


Environment friendly commercial concrete batching plant in accordance with the provisions of the regular scale, operators, production foreman, technician, material director should be signed to confirm to ensure that the measurement scale is accurate.

Fourth, inventory is not timely, not accurate, resulting in inventory data is not true.


1, every week, the monthly inventory must be material, inventory standards by the Ministry of Materials repeatedly verified correct, should be consistent, to prevent the inventory changes due to inventory data distortion.

2, the required material director on a weekly basis according to the material consumption, purchase, inventory and other data in a timely manner to prepare materials weekly, found the problem in a timely manner to check the reasons to prevent the problem to expand.
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