Mixing solution of commercial concrete mixing slowly


Commercial concrete mixing plant in the production process, if the user found that powder feed slow, how to solve it? Here, Lianhua to analyze the causes of such failures and solutions.

Symptom: screw machine feeding is very slow, feeding time more than 2 minutes, while the normal feeding in 20 seconds or less.

Analysis of the reasons: the main factors are poor cement warehouse and screw conveyor damage and so on. Powder off the poor performance of the form of powder from the arch, cement warehouse at the mouth of the material caking, the material butterfly valve opening is too small, powder tank material and so on. While the screw conveyor damage is mainly spiral blade deformation, can not be normal delivery.


1, open the gas blowing arch device.

2, check the cement warehouse unloading disc valve opening, and make the disc in a fully open position.

3, check the cement warehouse at the exit of the material is caking.

4, check the screw conveyor machine blade is deformed, such as deformation is removed correction or replacement.
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