Analysis on the Basic Measures of Normal Operation of HZN concrete mixing plant


1, HZN concrete mixing plant in order to ensure that all units can be on time, the quality and quantity of concrete, the station to play the largest production capacity, should be reported weekly construction plan, and the use of concrete the day before, to provide the use of mixing stations. While the mixing station received the use of units in the plan, carefully organized and reasonable arrangements for their own production plans.

2, the construction peak to increase manpower and material resources, increase the construction of production personnel, the implementation of three shifts system to ensure that the supply of concrete 24 hours, concrete transport vehicles should also be increased according to the construction needs to ensure that concrete can be supplied at any time.

3, in order to ensure the production capacity of HZN concrete mixing plant, management personnel, production staff continue to improve their skills, skills, to meet the needs of mass production, to ensure that their posts do not delay the production of the mixing plant.

4, the production staff to regularly on the concrete mixing station of various types of maintenance and repair, to ensure its normal work.

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