Analysis of the Causes of Seven Faults in large inclination belt conveyor


In the large inclination belt conveyor used in the process, there are some failures are inevitable. Today we come to say that it is the most common cause of the seven major failures.

First, the belt does not turn. In the large inclination belt conveyor after the start of the vibration motor, the drive roller idling belt slip, the belt is not starting, this failure is due to the belt scorpion breeding technology is not enough, tightening device is not adjusted, the belt is too long, heavy load, belt Tail coal and other reasons. The following are the same as the "

Second, the belt deviation. The reason is that the belt in the operation of the lateral force generated. The large inclination belt conveyor and the roller mounting axis are not perpendicular to the center of the conveyor belt; the height of the fuselage wire rope is inconsistent; the conveyor belt is not straight and not straight; the position of the unloading coal roller is not adjusted Good; tail roller, guide roller is not adjusted can cause the belt deviation. If the belt occurs in the guide roller, tail roller, unloading roller, you can adjust the head frame, the tailstock on the square iron and bolts, adjust the drum before the two sides of the bolt to relax some in order to facilitate adjustment, adjust to tighten A good run on the assembly line. The following are the same as the "

Third, the belt easy to disconnect. The reason is because the belt tension is too large, the connector is not strong, the belt buckle quality is poor, the belt is used for a long time, the maintenance quality is bad and so on, the method is to tighten the tightening device, reduces the tension to replace the new belt in time, strengthens the maintenance quality. The following are the same as the "

Fourth, the reducer sound abnormal. The reason is due to excessive wear and tear of the bearing and gear gap or shell tightening screw caused by loose, the treatment is to replace the bearings, adjust the gap or replace the overall reducer for overhaul. The following are the same as the "

Fifth, the reducer temperature too fast. The reason is due to excessive oil, poor heat dissipation, reducer is caused by the source of coal buried, the treatment is to adjust the amount of oil, remove the source of coal. The following are the same as the "

Six is the reducer leaks. The reason is due to damage to the seal ring, reducer chassis with uneven surface, the opposite bolt is not tight, the treatment method is to replace the sealing ring, tighten the box with the surface of the bearing cap bolts. The following are the same as the "

Seven is the roller does not turn. The reason is that the roller bearing damage, the roller on both sides of the seal into the coal, the block does not turn, so that the roller rolling force too large bending. The method of handling the conveyor is to replace the roller, the shaft repair, reduce the drop point of the height difference, or drop the use of anti-earthquake roll.

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