Large inclination belt conveyor Roller Technical Requirements


The drum design of the large inclination belt conveyor includes roller arrangement, roller type selection, roller force analysis, roller diameter selection and so on. Today we have to talk about the large inclination belt conveyor drums have any technical requirements.

First, determine the diameter of the large inclination belt conveyor drum, which depends on the use of the conveyor, the use of the drum, the type of tape, the number of layers, wire diameter, conveyor belt tensile strength, plastic surface pressure and conveyor belt Permissible strength And other factors.

A drive drum group and a drum group which is subjected to a high tension of the conveyor belt, a main drive roller set including a head and a tail of the conveyor, a drum for conveying the full tension, a reeling drum on the unloading carriage, a terminal head drum at the time of the tail drive, etc. The In the conveyor return to the lower tension of the reeling drum, such as the terminal tail roller is braked, the downstream conveyor head of the head of the drum group of a tensioning device to the reel roller group and bend the drum.

The drum diameter does not include a wear-resistant protective layer made of rubber, ceramic or the like, and the minimum diameter of the face roller must be at least equal to the specified minimum.

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Factors affecting the diameter of the drum include the additional bending stress, the allowable strength utilization of the conveyor belt, the frequency of the conveyor belt subjected to the bending load, the surface pressure of the conveyor belt surface, the location and conditions of use, the amount of deformation of the cover or the high pattern.

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