Overload protection of Large inclination belt conveyor


Large inclination belt conveyor is widely used in household appliances, electronics, electrical appliances, machinery, tobacco, injection molding, post and telecommunications, printing, food and other industries, objects assembly, testing, commissioning, packaging and transportation. During the use of the large inclination belt conveyor, the parts must be prevented from overloading. Today we are going to talk about this topic. Hope to help you.

Large inclination belt conveyor with a strong transport capacity, transport distance, simple and easy to maintain, can easily implement the program control and automation operations. In addition to pure material delivery, but also with the industrial production process in the process of matching the requirements of the formation of a rhythm of the pipeline operation of transport lines.

To start loading too much large inclination belt conveyor, both the motor and the drive must be large enough to use the adjustable maximum torque limiter to eliminate the chance that the conveyor will occasionally start or run too much. The drive can deliver excessive torque to the tape, and the impact load on the tape can also have a serious impact on the mechanical parts of the gear unit and the motor. Therefore, the possibility of excluding the overload means that the drive is limited at the output of the drive The dynamic response of the element, which requires the elimination of the main momentary impact of the dynamic stress on the tape and its influence on the reducer and the motor through the path limiter.

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