Commercial concrete mixing plant to keep the site clean measures


With the foggy weather, environmental protection has become an important issue of concern to the whole people, commercial concrete mixing plant is no exception. As a large-scale production of concrete mixing plant manufacturers, Lianhua to talk about how to keep the mixing station site clean?

1, temporary venue layout of scientific and rational, equipment, materials stacked and orderly, rational layout, no pollution caused by the phenomenon. Site drainage facilities, and by the person in advance to do a good job in the construction area of the drainage work, is strictly prohibited block the local drainage, irrigation ditches.

2, the commercial concrete mixing plant construction site without waste mortar and concrete, in the transport road and the operation surface landing in time to clear, mortar, take anti-scattered measures.

3, education construction personnel to develop good health habits, do not litter, debris, keep the work and living environment clean and tidy. It is strictly forbidden to dump, dump or for backfill. Construction site and construction camps set up garbage stations, all kinds of garbage in accordance with the provisions of centralized collection, cleaning each class, daily clearance.

4, into the commercial concrete mixing plant at the scene of the machinery, the vehicle must be do not whistle, no brakes; cars waiting to install the soil when the small throttle or parking, to strengthen equipment maintenance, regular maintenance lubrication; to avoid or reduce noise.

5, the site should be implemented in front of three packs of environmental responsibility system, not in front of the fence in front of the site public piling up materials, mud, garbage and so on. Temporary occupation of sidewalks and roads, must be strictly enforce the provisions of the declaration of approval. In areas approved for approval, it is necessary to store the building materials or equipment in strict accordance with the approved scope, occupation period and use restrictions.

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