Measures to Improve Concrete Accuracy in HZS concrete mixing plant


HZS concrete mixing plant in the process of running, the quality of the concrete requirements are very strict, because the quality of concrete determines the quality of the entire project is the key to the survival of concrete mixing plant.

1, the strict implementation of the mix than the production, the various electronic weighing system on a regular basis, so that the stability, accuracy, error control within the allowable range; improve the working skills and concrete basic knowledge of the training, master concrete slump The stability of the degree, the ideological emphasis on the quality of concrete.

2, for the completion of the production operations after the cleaning of the material, try to recycle, made of the corresponding concrete preforms, such as: cement cover and the like simple preform. Looking for the right manufacturers to trade, earn profits for the company. For the outstanding performance of the interests of the company to do practical things, to be rewarded.

3, for the concrete mixing plant site control errors left over the remaining material, can contact the peer collaboration units for processing, if not can also be taken on a way to implement.

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