Debugging instructions for large inclination belt conveyor


Large inclination belt conveyor can be a large angle of transport or even vertical transmission, the use of corrugated conveyor belt as the main components. With a large amount of transportation, small footprint, easy maintenance and other characteristics, widely used in powder, block material transport. Compared to the hoist, with a good cleaning effect, stable operation, low noise and so on. Today we will talk about it in the debugging time need to pay attention to what.

In the installation of large inclination belt conveyor, to meet the requirements of a single device for manual work test, combined with the commissioning conveyor to meet the requirements of the action.

To debug the electrical parts of the large dip belt conveyor, including the regulation of conventional electrical wiring and operation, the equipment has good performance, to achieve the design function and status.

After the big dip belt conveyor is installed, carefully commissioned to meet the pattern requirements.

At the same time need to pay attention to the reducer, moving parts filled with the corresponding lubricants.

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