Safety operation mode of tanker for HZS concrete mixing plant


HZS concrete mixing plant to produce concrete, you need to transport the concrete through the tank to the project destination. Therefore, the safe operation of concrete tankers is very important. Here, Lianhua to talk about the safe operation of tankers are what?

1, tanker transport of concrete, the concrete load shall not exceed the rated capacity.

2, before transport, nesting tank should be locked in the "driving" position, not free swing.

3, transport, stirring cylinder should be low-speed rotation, but not stop. The time for transporting concrete shall not exceed the specified time.

4, stirring cylinder from positive to reverse, you should first put the handle in the middle position, until the stirring cylinder stops, then the joystick handle to the reverse position.

5, driving in the uneven road or corner should reduce the speed to 15 km per hour and below, and suspend the stirring cylinder rotation.

6, concrete tanker mixing device running time should not exceed 8 hours.

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