Large inclination belt conveyor advantage of large inventory


Friends of the large inclination belt conveyor know that it has a lot of advantages. Of course, there are many users are not very understanding, then let Xiao Bian for you inventory it

Large inclination belt conveyor can be set in the nose and tail length of any length of the transport section, easy and other equipment convergence, it is very smooth in operation and noise. It is simple structure, the main components can be common with the general belt conveyor, to use, maintenance to bring convenience.

Large inclination belt conveyor is reliable, there is no buried scraper conveyor often appear card chain, frost chain, broken chain phenomenon and bucket elevator often slippery, falling bucket phenomenon, its reliability is almost the same belt conveyor Machine equal.

Large inclination belt conveyor conveyor angle of inclination, up to 90 ¡ã, is a large dip conveyor and vertical lifting of the ideal equipment. So you can save the area, saving equipment investment and civil construction costs, and achieved good comprehensive economic benefits.

In addition, due to the large inclination belt conveyor does not exist when the excavation resistance and running material internal friction, external friction resistance, so energy consumption is small.

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