Large inclination belt conveyor Belt has a bad handling method


Large inclination belt conveyor conveyor belt cracking is due to the size of the space constraints, the number of conveyor belt bending. When the vulcanization of the joint was carried out for more than two times due to various reasons, cracking occurred.

Large inclination belt conveyor Conveyor Belt Longitudinal Tearing Cause Vibration shocks cause fasteners to loosen and fall off, resulting in falling pipes such as drop pipe linings and guides. Material mixed with foreign body, foreign body hard, angular, drop coal pipe plug dead. Roller defects, the idler frame caused by scratches Conveyor belt serious deviation after being racked to hang, sweepers involved in the drum, bolts loose, a bounce of the precursor.

Large inclination belt conveyor conveyor belt according to the principle of friction and movement, suitable for conveying the bulk density of less than 1.67 / ton / cubic meter, easy to extract the powder, granular, small pieces of low-cut materials and bags of materials, such as Coal, gravel, sand, cement, fertilizer, food and so on. The reason for the tearing of the vulcanized joint of the conveyor is that the diameter of the drum is small and the bending stress of the conveyor belt is large. Vulcanized joint quality is poor, especially after curing more than twice, the joint strength decreased significantly. Or in the glue when the canvas is cut off, or polished leak, where the strength decreases. For the large inclination belt conveyor, because the upper and lower lap when only one direction, easy to be on the belt of the sweepers, unloaders and other equipment sharp corners scratch. Conveyor work cycle is short, starting frequent, instantaneous tension.

In addition, the conveyor belt covering the plastic surface damage, will guide the trough liner and the gap between the tape is not appropriate, resulting in abnormal wear, or gaps in the embedded foreign body, resulting in abnormal wear or scratches. The flow rate of the material at the guide groove is not consistent with the speed of the conveyor belt, the gap is large, and the glue is accelerated. Mainly by the two end of the drum and tight set on the composition of the conveyor belt. The drum that drives the conveyor belt is called the drive roller. The other is only to change the direction of movement of the conveyor belt roller called reducer drum. The roller is damaged, causing abnormal wear or scratches of the tape. Illegal operation, repair welding slag burns. Or tape slip, can also cause abnormal wear tape.

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