Requirements for the use of raw materials for HZN concrete mixing plant


In the HZN concrete mixing plant industry, the control of raw materials is related to the quality of concrete in the mixing station one of the main factors, so in the procurement of materials on the quality requirements of aggregate is also very strict. So what is the requirement of the use of raw materials in the HZN concrete mixing plant? Longding machinery to take you to understand.

Cement: cement approach must be carried out according to the provisions of the sampling test, each batch of cement are required in time for standard consistency and temperature testing, there is doubt on the quality of the warehouse is strictly prohibited, and continue to other indicators (such as stability) It is forbidden to inspect the unqualified cement. It is strictly forbidden to use the hot cement which is not homogenized (digested) directly to the project. The cement used has to be traced back and the "Cement Use Traceability Form" is filled.

Aggregate: coarse aggregate approach must be carried out according to the provisions of the sampling test, qualified before use. Coarse aggregate should be used to meet the requirements of the relevant standard specifications; control mud content and mud content, timely testing, the It is forbidden to carry out unloading.

Addition agent: Addition agent should be strengthened when checking, check, check the admixture of the packaging is clearly marked on the following: product name, model, net content or volume (including content or concentration), the name of the manufacturer, Production date and factory number; check whether the contents of the packaging with the manufacturer to provide the product specifications, certificate match; liquid admixture is precipitated sediment, whether more than the validity period.

Mineral admixture: according to the requirements of the relevant standards for testing. The laboratory should keep abreast of the quality of mineral admixture changes, mineral admixture approach, must be water demand ratio, loss of ignition, fineness of the test, the qualified products can be stored; and pay attention to the previous trial The results were compared to determine the quality of the fluctuations, to ensure the quality of the project. In the use of mineral admixture in the process, should try to ensure the relative stability of the external admixture. Should communicate with the material sector to ensure that the same type of outsourcing, a mixing station should try to use the same manufacturers of goods. When the requirements can not be met, the test department should be timely with the ratio adjustment, the ban on mineral admixture.

Mixing station material staff to pay close attention to the situation of stock materials, and to have a sense of foresight and sense of urgency, and actively organize the preparation, to avoid downtime to be expected, with particular attention to the balance of bulk cement. On the inventory of goods to be listed logo, at any time to ensure that the field material stacking, in strict accordance with the sub-warehouse for the storage of raw materials.

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