How to deal with dust in the commercial concrete mixing plant


In the development of concrete production industry in China, the demand for concrete With the development of Chinas infrastructure industry is growing demand, as a professional commercial concrete mixing plant manufacturers, as the environmental protection industry leader in the industry, then how to deal with the production of concrete Dust?

Dust is my current environmental management and control in a very important thing, with the fog control haze system continues to increase, the dust problem is to solve the fundamental, as the commercial concrete mixing plant production control dust intensity is also increasing, dust The control of the indicators in various regions of our country is also gradually introduced.

Mixing station dust is mainly yard and production and powder part of the dust output, mainly in the back yard and the main station and the station in the transport of these aspects of dust control, to make it better to complete Concrete environmental tasks, control dust mainly from these points.

In the dust control, the dust does not produce is not possible, so can only use the main station and the background of the closed, when the source of dust generated directly through the enclosed space for centralized collection, the dust is well controlled in our station , To promote our environmental protection concrete production tasks.

In the vehicle transport within the station, the use of water curtain spray and other ways to dust through the gravity of the water control in the station, but also green the station environment, serve multiple purposes, through such a multi-directional dust control measures, better For our mixing plant green production backing backing.

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