Characteristics of Environment Friendly Commercial Concrete Mixing Plant


In the continuous innovation of Chinas concrete production equipment industry, environmental protection has become the theme of the development of the industry, then the environment friendly commercial concrete mixing plant in the actual improvement and the ordinary old style has what characteristics.

Energy saving: high energy consumption is a common problem in our traditional mixing plant industry, environmental protection station uses new energy-saving technologies and materials, and for the traditional layout in the further improvement, will be unnecessary energy to remove, while the use of energy-saving new equipment, Reduce the energy consumption of the whole station.

Reasonable structure: environmental protection station in the whole station structure and the traditional station for a wide range of rectification, although the appearance does not see any difference, but the station has to improve the design of each link, out of the traditional design deficiencies, improve every A link layout design.

No pollution: pollution in the environmental protection station, the first batch of sewage in the mixing station for recycling, the second: to achieve the whole station closed treatment, the production and the development of the background of the field to focus on the collection and control, so that Its real realization of pollution-free, emissions of production standards.

Noise control: The main station of the environmental protection station adopts the concrete structure, which can reduce the production noise better, and can separate many offices, save the investment cost of the users, and the environmental protection station in the sensitive area will increase the noise wall in the periphery, and the noise control In the concrete structure, and the use of natural gas transport vehicles, the noise to a minimum.

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