How to deal with the sewage in the HZS concrete mixing plant


In the HZS concrete mixing plant production and transportation of various types of concrete, it will inevitably produce a lot of sewage. This has also become one of the main sources of pollution in the enterprise. So, how to deal with the sewage inside the station?

The main source of sewage in the enterprise on the one hand comes from our cleaning of concrete transport vehicles, transport pump, mixing station itself and its mixing station equipment produced a large number of wastewater. This part of the waste water is very large, and the concentration of the first is still relatively high, the treatment is also very difficult, the interests of our daily clean places to produce waste water and station rain water, these waste water is relatively easy to handle.

In the wastewater treatment program, the mixing plant slurry and ordinary waste water are classified and collected. The slurry in the mixing station can be used directly with the water for the mixing water. This saves the production cost and the solution Pulp treatment problems.

Site cleaning sewage and the station to collect rainwater can be a precipitate, two precipitation, three precipitation can produce water, unified collection in the pool, as the mixing of production water and vehicle cleaning water use, in order to achieve the station sewage recycling, more Good to complete the sewage treatment.
Using the above requirements for sewage treatment program to solve the HZS concrete mixing plant can be achieved in the zero discharge of sewage production requirements to ensure that concrete production enterprises to achieve environmental protection production standards, the sewage treatment solutions are also many companies actually implement the use of access to good results.

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