HZN concrete mixing plant encountered many small fault treatment methods


HZN concrete mixing plant in the operation will inevitably appear a variety of staff for speechless failure, such as in the automatic production process, the ingredients station said after the material is not unloading, mixing machine mixing time to no discharge, air compressor Start frequent and other failures, then encounter these failures how to solve it?
First, the mixer boring machine trip, a serious impact on the progress of production this time must be stopped to find the reason, it is more collapse. What is the cause of this phenomenon? In fact, there are many reasons: such as feeding too much, causing the mixer load is too large; stirring system between the blade and liner clearance is too large, stirring process, increased resistance; triangular transmission belt is too loose, the drive system efficiency is low; Stir the host cover on the security clearance switch was vibration loose, causing downtime and so will lead to mixer boring machine trip. The staff in the collapse of spare time but also calm analysis, to identify the cause of the malfunction. Innovation here to provide a number of reasons for the failure of the treatment methods: check the ingredients system is excessive and whether there is a secondary feeding phenomenon; check the mixer blade and liner between the gap is 3 ~ 8mm; check the transmission system V-belt elastic Level and adjust; check the host cover safety switch is loose.
There is a crash is the failure of the mixer unloading door closed no signal, the mixer unloading material, unloading the door closed, but no door signal, causing the program to stop running, which is more people crash. The reason is that the mixer unloading door close to the switch and the unloading gate on the handle pointer close to the distance of not more than 5mm to sense the signal. When the discharge gate is not required due to the pressure of the pump or the discharge gate is jammed by the residue in the mixer when it is closed, the proximity switch is close to the handle without a signal, and the proximity switch or the handle pointer is loosened so that the proximity When the distance is more than 5mm, the proximity switch can not sense the signal. Such as proximity switch damage and no signal output. At this time to take the appropriate measures to check the discharge valve hydraulic system working pressure is to meet the requirements; switch to the manual, the mixer unloading door open, so that the jammed residue dropped and then closed; check the proximity switch and handle Whether the pointer is loose or not; check the proximity switch for damage.
Although the HZN concrete mixing plant from time to time to give us a variety of "surprise", let us instantaneous collapse, but still have to calm down, carefully analyze the reasons, many times these failures are man-made, so we have to pay for their mistakes.
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