Maintenance method of long distance belt conveyor conveyor belt


A long distance belt conveyor is a friction-driven machine that continuously transports material. Mainly by the rack, conveyor belt, roller, roller, tension device, transmission and other components. It can be material in a certain transmission line, from the initial feeding point to the final discharge point between the formation of a material transport process. It can be carried out fragile material delivery, can also be carried into pieces of goods delivery. long distance belt conveyor conveyor belt is good or bad, directly affect its operating results. Therefore, we need to pay attention to the conveyor belt. Today, let us take a brief look.

Conveyor belt in the use and preservation process, first of all to avoid direct sunlight or rain and snow, not with acid, alkali, oil, organic solvents and other substances in contact, away from the heat device. Conveyor belts should be stored at temperatures between 18-40 ¡ã C and between 50 and 80% humidity.

Second, different types and specifications of the heat-resistant conveyor belt should not be used together, the joints should be used glue method. The captain and assembly form can be determined according to user requirements, the drive can be used drum, can also be used with the drive frame drive device.

In addition, the conveyor belt in the operation should pay attention to adjust the speed.

Conveyor belt maintenance work for improving the long distance belt conveyor efficiency and service life has an important role, to better work for us, do the conveyor belt maintenance work.

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