Long distance horizontal bending belt conveyor Rack Introduction


Long distance horizontal bending belt conveyor can be used for horizontal transport or tilting transport, the use of very convenient, widely used in a variety of modern industrial enterprises. The rack is supported by rollers, rollers, conveyor belts, materials and some cleaning devices, tensioning the steel structure, can withstand the impact, tensile, compression and bending stress.

Long distance horizontal bending belt conveyor frame can be divided into two kinds of rigidity and flexibility, rigid frame can be used as a fixed and mobile rack, and flexible frame main beam is used to support the roller rope roller, conveyor belt and materials, and drive The rack must be rigid.

According to the different materials, but also can be divided into steel frame, steel frame, concrete frame and FRP rack. Steel frame using steel (such as channel, angle, I-beam) or shaped steel and so on. Steel pipe rack can be welded in the steel pipe, as a long distance line, can also use ordinary seamless steel pipe for the rack; steel can be water, oil, etc., serve two purposes. Concrete frame is made of concrete vertical pipe long distance horizontal bending belt conveyor frame, can reduce the maintenance of rust, easy installation, fixed long-distance transport aircraft commonly used this method. Nose, tailstock can be prefabricated, stay on the bearing hole. FRP frame with high strength, corrosion resistance, light and so on, especially suitable for salt water in the salt, mine, chemical salt plants and other transportation environment. According to the same weight, the price is slightly higher than the steel, but considering the cost of steel rust, the two are equal, have a lot of use of space.

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