Belt problem of HZN concrete mixing plant


HZN concrete mixing plant in operation, the belt part is more prone to failure of the place, this time sitting on the summary of its three often failure, and made an analysis, put forward the corresponding solution.
First, the belt deviation
Symptom: Belt Conveyor in the no-load or load operation process, there is a side of the side of the deviation or a while and ran a run on the right side of the phenomenon, causing leakage, equipment, abnormal wear and damage, reduce productivity, and Will affect the normal work of the entire equipment
Cause analysis: the tape received by the external force in the tape width of the direction of the resultant force is not zero or perpendicular to the tape width of the tensile stress caused by uneven. As the factors that lead to tape deviation, it should be from the conveyor design, manufacture, installation commissioning, use and maintenance and other aspects to address the tape deviation, such as tape on both sides of the tightness is not the same, both sides of the tape The same, the roller bracket and other devices are not installed with the tape running in the direction of the vertical section and so will cause the belt deviation.
Solution: (1) to adjust the tension mechanism of the tape operation, if no load and heavy load in the case of the same side of the deviation, indicating the tightness on both sides of the tape is not the same, you can press the direction shown in Figure A Adjustment; if the tape left and right deviation and no fixed direction, then the tape is loose, should adjust the tension mechanism. (2) Adjusting the roller method If the tape is running at the drum, it indicates that the installation of the drum is less level, the drum moves axially, or the end of the drum is at the front end. At this point, should correct the roller level and parallelism and so on. (3) Adjusting the Roller Support (or Rack) Method If the tape is always biased towards one side at no load, the side of the idler roll should be moved 1-2 cm in the tape running direction, or the other The side roller support (or rack) is properly raised. (4) removal of sticky method If the roller, the roller part of the sticky material, will increase the diameter of the place, resulting in increased tension at the tape, resulting in deviation. Should promptly clean up the adhesive material. (5) to adjust the gravity method If the tape does not run when no load, and heavy load to the side of the total deviation, indicating that the tape has been partial load. Should adjust the location of the hopper or tape machine, so that the tape are loaded to prevent deviation. (6) adjust the tape method If the tape edge wear serious or tape joints are not parallel, will make the tape on both sides of the tension is inconsistent. Re-dressing or replacing tape. (7) Installation of the adjustment roller method If you install several sets of automatic aligning roller (flat roller or groove roller) on the conveyor, it can automatically correct the deviation of the tape. For example: when the tape deviation with a side of the small block roller friction, the side of the bracket should be in the direction of running along the tape forward, the other side is relatively backward movement, then the tape will move backwards Move the side of the roller until it returns to its normal position. (8) Installation of the limit roller method If the tape is always on the side of the deviation, can be installed in the side of the rack on the installation of the limit roller; this, on the one hand the tape can be forced forced to reset, on the other hand vertical roller Reduce the tension of the side of the tape, so that the tape to move to the other side.
Second, the belt rainy skid
Symptom: On rainy days, the oblique belt slips with a load run.
Analysis of the reasons: rainy days, the moisture in the aggregate and the exposed parts of the belt is easy to wet, the belt is wet, especially the inner ring wet, reducing the belt and the roller between the friction coefficient, so that the drum to the belt to reduce the torch, the torque Less than the belt material required to transport the torque, the belt will slip.
Solution: 1, to increase the belt tensioning device weight or tension belt adjustment screw, to increase the belt and the roller between the positive pressure, so as to achieve the transmission roller and the friction between the belt. 2, adjust the drive roller near the tension roller, increase the belt on the drive drum angle, increase the friction. 3, in the drive roller package layer on the cut groove, increase the friction coefficient. 4, as the first three methods can not be resolved, you need to replace the anti-skid roller.
Third, belt damage
Symptom: the use of one end of time, the belt surface degumming, cracking, scratches and so on.
Analysis of reasons: metal belt cleaner, if not timely adjustment, easy to damage the belt, causing the belt surface rubber off. The cleaner is not properly installed, and the more pointed gravel sticks between the sweepers will damage the belt. The belt itself is not good quality, but also prone to the above defects.
Solution: Once the belt degumming, cracking, scratches and other defects, should be promptly repaired. When the belt damage, first of all to solve the cause of belt damage factors, such as the sweepers are damaged, you need to immediately adjust or replace the sweepers, and then repair the belt in time. When the belt is damaged, it is possible to repair the spot with a belt repair glue. When the belt damage surface is large or serious local damage, the local injury can be cut off the belt, replace a belt, with a curing machine for cementing. If the belt damage is not dealt with in time, the damage spread to the entire belt, there is no repair value, only the whole replacement. Of course, in normal operation, the HZN concrete mixing plant belt part of the problem is far more than the above three, our staff to do is to detect problems, analyze the problem, and finally solve the problem. To ensure that the mixing station safe and efficient operation is our ultimate goal.
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