Advantages of Automatic Control System for HZS concrete mixing plant


With the continuous development of urban modernization, the previous way of production of concrete from the site because of its quality is difficult to guarantee, noise and dust pollution, and thus will be replaced by automatic control of the concrete mixing plant. So what is the advantage of the HZS concrete mixing plant automatic control system?
1. Automatic batching, continuous mixing, manual unloading and loading all control, in order to facilitate maintenance, control system, there are manual control switching function;
2. Higher degree of automation. Greatly improve the scientific management of the degree of mechanical equipment;
3. With the display of the flow of materials and the cumulative amount of fault alarm information and parameter modification and other functions; dynamic process shows that the operation of the equipment;
4. Safety factor. Reliable operation, compact structure, high safety factor;
5. Easy maintenance. Mixing station control system between the various parts of the module structure, contact pieces connected, maintenance, maintenance is very convenient.
The HZS concrete mixing plant control system is the ideal choice for improving the quality of the ingredients, improving the production management level, ensuring the safety of the equipment and providing the economic benefits for the monitoring and production management of the feed, the ingredients, the mixing and the equipment in the production process.
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