Connection Method of large inclination belt conveyor Joint


For the large inclination belt conveyor, the connector is a very critical part of the preparation, the connector directly affects the service life of the conveyor belt and the conveyor line can run smoothly and smoothly, so we should pay special attention to this. Let us see today, how to connect is the right way.

First of all, should be the first side of the joints cut into vertical and vertical center line, and should be inward from the end of 150mm, draw lines, and then both ends of the 150mm surface, the bottom of the plastic stripped. Then, from the two ends of the amount of 100mm inward, draw lines, and should be at both ends of the 100mm latitude line, the end of the warp after the break every five bundles and together with the other end of the corresponding five knot knot, and Should be knot on both sides, knot the middle. At the same time, the excess line should be cut off, and should be in the upper and lower sides of the shop with plastic sheet, the total thickness of the conveyor belt than the thickness of 2mm. Plasticization should be electric plate power, until the temperature rose to 160 ¡æ, cut off the power, and should be tightened pressure bolts, when the temperature rose to 170 ~ 175 ¡æ, let the natural cooling; when the board temperature dropped to 90 ¡æ below When, before the pressure relief, and complete the plastic.

The connection of large inclination belt conveyor can also be a mechanical connector, meaning the use of a belt fastener. This joint method is quick and easy, but also economical, but the joint efficiency is low, easy to damage, the conveyor belt product life has a certain impact. While the cold bonding joints, that is, the use of cold adhesive adhesive to carry out joints. This joint method is more efficient than the mechanical joint, but also more economical, should be able to have a better joint effect, but from the practice point of view, because the process conditions are more difficult to master, and the quality of the adhesive on the joint effect is very large, So it is not very stable. There is also a hot vulcanized joint, which is recognized as a better fit method, to ensure high joint efficiency, but also very stable, the joint life is also very long, easy to grasp. But there are processes such as trouble, high cost, joint operation time and other shortcomings.

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