Long distance belt conveyor can not be ignored when installed


Long distance belt conveyor for the general use of bulk material continuous transmission equipment, using a corrugated wall and the diaphragm of the conveyor belt can be used for coal, chemicals, building materials, metallurgy, electricity, light industry, food, Ship, thermoelectric and other industries. It adopts the conveyor belt with corrugated ribs and transverse partitions, which is technologically advanced, novel in structure, in the range of inclination, and has large transportation volume, small footprint, low energy consumption, low noise, long service life, reliable operation and convenient maintenance And so on, is conducive to the overall design and save the overall cost and other advantages, is the ideal equipment for conveying materials, in recent years in the lifting height, large transport volume and other aspects of comprehensive development, to a wider range of applications. So, do you know what it should be when installing it? Xiaobian to tell you.

The installation of the equipment has a great impact on the situation of the operation, so we have to do the relevant issues at the time of installation, and build a good foundation for the good operation process. Proper operation of the long distance belt conveyor can not only ensure the normal completion of the operation, but also can extend its service life. Therefore, the long distance belt conveyor  operation should be kept in mind the strict compliance with the installation specifications and precautions.

1, according to the drawings to determine the head and tail wheel position, make the machine center line and the tail wheel center line cross line.

2, the installation of the head frame, tailstock, head frame, tailstock center line as a benchmark, from one end of the installation of the central frame legs and mast elbow, the middle frame joints should not exceed 1mm displacement.

3, the level of the rack within 1000m is not greater than 0.5mm, parallel to the center line is not greater than 1.0mm / m.

4, the installation of convex convex section of the pulley, the ring tape on the convex section of the pressure pulley, the active drum and passive drum were set in the circular conveyor belt mounted on the rack, the installation of concave arc pressure pulley.

5, the center line of the roller and idler in the vertical line with the frame of the vertical line is not greater than 1 ?, roller and roller installed after the rotation should be flexible and no obvious stuck phenomenon.

6, adjust the tight position, the initial tension conveyor belt, install the drive position, install the sweepers and other components.

7, cleaning device scraper and tape contact surface should not be less than 70% of the bandwidth.

8, tensioning device forward adjustment stroke should not be less than 100 mm.

9, the installation of shaft-mounted reducer, hand-cranked input shaft is flexible and abnormal circumstances, or should be promptly excluded, and check whether the reducer has been filled with grease or grease, the motor belt and reducer Of the belt of the plane up and down the general error of not more than 10mm.

10, should pay attention to the installation direction of the anti-knocker, the heart to make the motor belt to run the next direction and deceleration high-speed axis is running in the same direction.

11, check the operation of the noise, check the electrical is normal, check the bearing temperature is too fast.

12, oil-cooled electric drum installed, in the conveyor belt before the first power, so that the direction of operation of the electric drum and the belt is the same direction, and do a clear mark to prevent the official run-time fault. Check that the cooling oil has been loaded in the electric drum and the oil level is two-thirds of the radius of the drum. If you add too much cooling oil, you must promptly put the excess to the specified height.

13, in operation, adjust the tensioning device to ensure that the conveyor belt during the operation does not slip, and in the idle and load the process to adjust the direction of conveyor belt.

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