Method of controlling the amount of concrete used in HZS concrete mixing plant


In the HZS concrete mixing plant use of water production is not the main water use. Because the concrete is very difficult to deal with the condensation, so every day rinse the mixer, cement tankers need to use a lot of water. So how should we control the concrete mix of concrete mixing station?

1. Select the admixture and cement varieties with better adaptability by increasing the admixture of the admixture or using the admixture with high efficiency and high water reducing rate. Improve the gravel gradation, find the best gravel gradation for each mix to improve workability, thereby reducing water consumption.

2. To strictly test the performance of these materials to control the above factors to reduce water consumption. By using high-volume gelling materials to improve workability. More to detect the moisture content of gravel, and enhance the sense of responsibility to ensure that each output of concrete slump in the control range.

3. Communication with the HZS concrete mixing plant construction site is very important to get the understanding of the construction workers, and more technical staff to cooperate with the construction side to avoid excessive slump. Correct understanding: not the greater the slump, pumping will be easier, but should adjust the ease and the amount of gravel to adjust.

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