Reasons for Broken Rupture of Long distance belt conveyor


Long distance belt conveyor is a new type of continuous conveying equipment, it has a simple structure, easy maintenance, small footprint, large amount of transportation, versatility, wide range of applications, and so in the coal, metallurgy, chemicals, transportation, food , Home appliances, tobacco, electricity and other industries are widely used. In the basic engineering construction module, the long distance belt conveyor plays a very important role. As a powerful, easy to use, widely used machinery and equipment, the drum often rupture, why not? Let us get here today.

In the rapid development of industrial technology today, long distance belt conveyor system is constantly sound, and increasingly toward the direction of diversification, drum as its important component of the equipment, if not for the actual situation to actively maintain, it will affect The normal operation of the conveyor and its production. This requires the drum structure and its force module analysis, the drum strength method to actively improve to meet the needs of the current work of the project.

In the operation, the impact of the belt conveyor drum rupture of many factors, such as excessive belt conveyor accessories tension, resulting in changes in its traction; or heavy load caused by failure can not load, etc., are likely to cause the drum rupture.

In the work of the conveyor, in order to enhance its transmission capacity, to enhance the tension is necessary, which also increased the positive pressure of the roller. However, due to the strength of the drum itself is not enough, the selected plate material is poor or the thickness of steel is not enough, is bound to cause the drum rupture. In addition, there is an important possibility, that is, the quality of steel plate welding process is not hard enough, welding quality is not high, can cause rupture. As the drum structure can not be separated from the welding, welding process will produce welding stress, if the treatment is not good, under pressure in the welding site will soon crack.

If the drum breaks, then the work of the long distance belt conveyor is bound to be affected. Therefore, in the course of daily operations, we should pay attention to the above causes of the breakdown of the situation, a good way to avoid the phenomenon of drum rupture.
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