Causes of Oil Leakage in HZS concrete mixing plant


Users who have used the HZS concrete mixing plant know that it is very harsh working environment, simply to damage the vehicle seal ring, resulting in the main reason for oil spills. What causes the concrete mixing station to leak oil?

1. The impact of the oil spill on the mixing station of the HZS concrete mixing plant is in the pad. (Such as articular surface, each end cover, shell, cover, flat enamel cover, etc.) between the seal leakage effect. Assuming it does not meet the data and quality know-how, it does not show leakproof sealing. Such as oil pan or valve cap is not a simple knot, because the area, which will cause oil spills.

2. If there is too much oil can also increase the oil spill problem. In the reducer running, the lubricating oil in the machine with the mechanical operation, will splash everywhere, if the oil before adding too much oil, will make a lot of oil accumulation in the shaft seal, combined with the surface, so that oil spills.

3. There is also a possibility that the use of oil problems, may use the wrong model or type. It is best based on temperature, speed, and other factors to determine the use of which kind of lubricants, but not blindly pursue the viscosity of lubricants.
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