To prevent the long distance belt conveyor conveyor disconnect method


Long distance belt conveyor is one of our construction projects and machinery and equipment that all the major factories have to use. We are familiar with it as much as the popular sieving machinery such as vibrating screen, but the long distance belt conveyor is the same There is a problem that can not be overcome, for example, it is easy to break the conveyor connector, break this non-problem is very unpleasant, if we do not promptly remove these failures, serious consequences may lead to the entire large angle belt conveyor Machine can not be used, affecting the progress of our project which for our factory is a very bad influence.

So how to solve or say, how to prevent the long distance belt conveyor connector disconnect the problem? Do not worry, we have a coup.

1. When the mechanical connection, the joint strength can only reach the belt strength of 40-50%, cold glue quality is better, the joint strength can reach 60-70%, while the thermal adhesive joint strength can reach 80-90% The
2. The strength of the joint part is relatively low, if the bonding method is not correct, the joint strength will be even lower.
3. In use, prone to break the joint part of the phenomenon.
4. Conveyor belt If the use of sealing adhesive, or adhesive joint direction is wrong, the joint parts prone to cracking.
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