How to deal with the concrete in the module type mobile concrete batching plant


Module type mobile concrete batching plant mixing the main wall of the host is easy to stick to the residual concrete, a long time will be condensed, and not easy to clean, so the mixing station work one day after the mixing machine should be cleaned, if not clean will affect the work of concrete mixer. So how do you clean the module type mobile concrete batching plant?

1, before the start of the concrete mixer to see the controller is not good, in the use of concrete mixer after the shutdown and water into the agitator cylinder 10 to 15 minutes for cleaning, and then clear the water and stones;

2, the operator assumes that you need to enter the mixing tube cleaning, you should plug the power and remove the fuse, and to lock the switch box.

3, assuming that the cleaning of the concrete mixer found in the inner wall of the drum with a solid material is difficult to eradicate, to prevent the use of sledgehammer to kill the accumulation of concrete mixer barrels of concrete, can only use chisel gradually clean up to avoid damage to the drum.

4, in the autumn and winter season when the use of concrete mixer, after the completion of the application of water washing the mixer drum and the water pump, water tank, water pipes within the net put, to avoid the cold climate to the water pump, water tanks, water pipes and other frozen.
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