Long distance belt conveyor normal working range


You know that the long distance belt conveyor is not applicable under what circumstances, it also has its own scope, if we do not understand the scope of the use of long distance belt conveyor is likely to lead to long distance belt conveyor in the use of The process of problems, so we not only learn how to use mechanical equipment, but also to do a wide range of its understanding of the performance.

The long distance belt conveyor has been popularized for the common parts of the common people, such as building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, electric power, coal, machinery, light industry, food and food industry, and the powdery, granular and small Such as cement, pulverized coal, food, fertilizer, ash, sand, coke, etc. Should not be easy to transport, sticky, easy to agglomerate the material, LS screw conveyor matters ambient temperature, where -20 ~ 40 ¡æ, The temperature of the material is generally the same as the temperature of -20 ~ 80 ¡æ, LS screw conveyor appropriate water calm and comfortable small angle placed, the inclination to not exceed 15 ¡ã is appropriate, such as skew angle, please use GX series screw conveyor, or Directly with my company to contact the local staff held alone plans.
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