How to reduce the depreciation of HZN concrete mixing plant


HZN concrete mixing plant equipment is a large machinery, its depreciation in addition to its irresistible factors, and external factors also have a great relationship. How to reduce the depreciation of the HZN concrete mixing plant?

1, for the work in the harsh environment, complex conditions of the construction machinery, first of all, to use high-quality, supporting parts and lubricants, grease, blocking the source of harmful impurities; Secondly, to do the job site machinery Protection work, to ensure that the corresponding institutions to work properly, to prevent all kinds of impurities into the internal machinery; Finally, the failure of the machinery, as far as possible to the regular repair site for repair. On-site repair, but also to do protective measures to prevent the site when the replacement parts of the machine before entering the machinery by dust and other impurities pollution.

2, in use, the management and operation personnel according to the local weather conditions, air pollution situation, take effective measures to reduce the effective measures to reduce the impact of chemical corrosion on the mechanical, the focus is to prevent rain and air chemical composition on the mechanical The invasion.

3, engineering HZN concrete mixing plant machinery in the use of the process, first of all, to prevent low temperature overload operation, to ensure the normal operation of the low-temperature pre-warm phase, so that the mechanical temperature to reach the specified speed or after the work, not because there was no problem And ignore its important to do; Second, to prevent the operation of machinery at high temperatures, mechanical operation process to always check the various thermometers on the value of the problem immediately stop the inspection and found that even if the troubleshooting. For the moment can not find the reasons, and must not be handled without leaving the work of the disease; Finally, in the usual work, we should pay attention to check the working conditions of the cooling system. For water-cooled machinery, the daily work must be checked before adding the cooling water. On the air-cooled machinery, but also regularly clean up the dust on the air-cooled system to ensure that the cooling duct is smooth.
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