How should the long distance belt conveyor be off the shaft?


Long distance belt conveyor is generally the quality of the performance of the majority of customers and friends of the favor, but we should also look at the problem with an objective point of view, in good quality machinery and equipment will be a problem, as long as it has been running. For long distance belt conveyor, it will be broken shaft problem. What is breaking the axis? Broken shaft is in the big dip belt conveyor normal operation when the sudden because of some of the role of external force so that the speed of the drive reducer slow down, and then the input shaft axis of the situation, this situation will give us a normal work belt to a great impact, because the broken axis problem is not a small fault, within a few minutes can be excluded, broken shaft is generally input broken shaft, encountered this situation how should we solve it? What is the reason for the big dip belt conveyor conveyor shaft phenomenon.

After asking professional and technical personnel, the reasons for the following:

The first should be the design problem, the reducer design unreasonable lead to fracture pressure is too large.

The second reducer heat treatment quality is not qualified.

The third belt conveyor has a smaller diameter and is prone to fatigue during operation.

The fourth is the installation is not strictly in accordance with the provisions of the installation.
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