Effect of material handling and loading belt on large angle belt conveyor


Friends who use a large inclination belt conveyor know that the towing device is one of the indispensable devices on a large inclination belt conveyor. The towing device is usually installed at the bottom of the conveyor belt of the large inclination belt conveyor, which ensures that the large inclination belt conveyor In the past few years, the towing device is only to assist the large inclination belt conveyor can be a smooth transport, but now, the customer for the mechanical equipment requirements are getting higher and higher, for the technical Innovation is more and more valued, so our technical staff found that the large angle belt conveyor towing device is a can improve, innovation, so it was a technical innovation.

The improvement of the towing device is divided into the following steps:

First, the return section of the roller was carried out to transform, with the new plan to change the parallel installation of the carrier roller. The new carrier is made of 2 small rollers, nylon elastic ring and bracket. The chassis is equipped with two small rollers, and the ring nylon belt is set on two small rollers, and the bracket is provided with a tensioned installation to form a carrier. The installation of the security installed in the ribbons under the two skirts under the support of the tape back to the dip.

Second, the original wave-like corners of the long angle of the conveyor belt back to the return of the usual robust belt conveyor parallel under the roller carrier tape. Operation of the roller is easy to tape with the skirt produced mosaic, mosaic will also damage the secondary diaphragm. Often the operation of the conveyor at a mercy of the year, tape damage has been equal to the secondary, must be more tune, which gives the user to bring a large loss in the economy.

Third, the tape is installed without energy installation, the nylon belt is running automatically, by friction and dip, with the wave side of the band with the activities of the operation, and can always give up with the skirt. I also planted with the strap to install the co-operation of the double carrier. The layout of the double carrier pulley is shown in Fig. 3, which is formed by a large guide wheel, a small guide wheel, a strong shaft and a bearing seat. Which large guide wheel, a small guide wheel can be resolved alone around the shaft to reverse, to conquer because the tail left and right sides of the tension is not uniform formation of the two sides of the tape shrinkage difference, causing the skirt sliding signs.

Four, double-type carrier rounded shaft at both ends by the bearing seat robust. In the tape running, the carrier wheel with the move, to reduce the tape due to friction damage, forward skirt operating life, but also extends the entire corrugated belt operating life.
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