Introduction of accessories for commercial concrete mixing plant


Introduction of other equipment of commercial concrete mixing plant
(1) Aggregate batching system
As the silo material by the auxiliary equipment and the impact of the venue, the silo volume should be optional larger. For the mixing plant single silo volume is generally greater than 20m3, if the use of belt machine or concrete warehouse can be further larger, in order to reduce the stacking area occupied area. For a single silo storage volume is generally greater than 50m3. The commercial concrete mixing plant is usually composed of the ingredients station, its structure has two kinds of steel allocation station with ground ingredients, easy maintenance, easy drainage, but the feeding difficulties, the use of loaders or belt machine feeding; Of the silo for the concrete structure, warehouse ingredients, feeding convenience, easy insulation, but difficult maintenance, can be used loaders, bulldozers or dump truck directly feeding.
(2) aggregate lifting system
Generally used belt conveyor and hopper to enhance the belt conveyor production efficiency, reliable performance, easy to close, not susceptible to climate, maintenance costs are low, but covers an area of large. Lifting hoppers are generally used only for mixing stations, compact structures, small footprint, but high maintenance costs and poor reliability, which is rarely used in large commercial concrete mixing plant. At present, there are also belt belt and groove belt conveyor, the lifting angle can be greatly improved, the channel belt can be vertical lift, but because of its reliability and back to the material problem is not resolved, generally not many.
(3) Stir the main building
Generally closed, with centralized dust collection device, cold areas should also be considered winter construction cold requirements, do insulation jacket. Open mixing station and simple mixing station, due to poor environmental performance, the current new commercial concrete mixing equipment has been rarely seen in some areas have been banned.
(4) metering system
At present, the use of weight measurement, divided into cumulative measurement and independent measurement of two forms. Accumulated metering structure is simple, easy to maintain, feeding height is low, but can not control the measurement accuracy alone. Independent measurement of individual measurement accuracy, the structure is more complex, the height of the increase in the cost has increased.
(5) powder storage and conveying device
Powder storage tank quantity and size should be configured according to the needs of the general type of material and supply to decide the powder tank should be with the material level controller. Powder conveyor is generally the following two: pneumatic conveying structure is simple, feeding uniform, but long distance transport, air pressure is not easy to control; screw conveyor transport distance is long, easy to the overall structure of the layout, reliable, most of the current mixing station or mixing Floor are used screw conveyor.
(6) accessories
 The choice of fittings often determines the reliability of the commercial concrete mixing plant. General accessories should be selected high reliability of the well-known brands, especially the main accessories. For domestic equipment, electronic components, sensors, cement disc valve, and even the mixer reducer, lubricating components such as the use of imported components, more reliable.
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