Three aspects of long distance belt conveyor analysis of the advantages


Long distance belt conveyor does not have to spend too much ink to introduce, we all know it, long distance belt conveyor is not only one of the well-known mechanical equipment, or our industrial helper, we can use the long distance belt conveyor for seamless transport of materials, and also to achieve the transport of materials, screening materials integration services, it is a rare one of the equipment.

On the long distance belt conveyor has six characteristics, these six features almost cover all the long distance belt conveyor all aspects, the following we talk about the long distance belt conveyor six characteristics.

A major feature: the conveyor belt into a circular tube

The return belt of the round belt conveyor is also rounded, and the conveyor belt is rolled up, and the lap is locally at the bottom of the pipe, which not only allows the transport to carry the same side as the carrying side, Dirty wall was wrapped up, the material dripping or scattered large nature is very small.

Two major features: up and down travel at the same time delivery

As with the general belt conveyor, the round belt conveyor, in addition to the travel material, can also transport the material. In order to transport the material in the return journey, the conveyor belt must be turned 180 degrees so that the lap is partially submerged and the wall carrying the dirt is still facing. Of course, to promote the drum and drive the installation, but only the installation of a round tube belt transport secret than the installation of two general belt conveyor economy.

Three characteristics: standard parts

Round belt conveyors and universal belt conveyors can reject similar standard parts. Because the conveyor belt of the round belt conveyor is flat at the head, tail and tension roller, and the belt speed series are also cut, so that can be rejected standard universal belt conveyor drum, bearing and drive installation. The standard parts of the operation are available in the market, and these configurations are well known, is to reject the round belt conveyor is a fit choice.
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