Belt conveyor and conveying system Design Advantages Inventory


Belt conveyor and conveying system in todays society has been widely used, to a large extent, some of our industry is still quite dependent on the belt conveyor and conveying system, because the belt conveyor and conveying system to solve a lot of people can not solve the problem , The first large angle conveyor can transport materials at a large angle, the maximum tilt angle can reach 45 degrees, which greatly solved the people can not solve the problem, a few years ago people transport materials or rely on artificial to carry, To the high transport, but also need to use external force, and now has a belt conveyor and conveying system, not only to solve the high-angle transport problems, but also improve the transport efficiency.

So there are so many advantages of the big dip belt conveyor What is its design concept? Designers and what is the spirit of the heart, the use of a unique principle to design belt conveyor and conveying system? Xiaobian today to come for everyone to decrypt.

Our first factor in designing a belt conveyor and conveying system is to consider its speed. The belt speed not only affect the transport capacity of the conveyor, drive power and other functional principles, but also affect the roller, conveyor belt and other components of the selection.For dealing with large angle tilting conveyor, the belt also affects the delivery of the material is not Degeneration in the blanking section.

Second, we have to consider is the belt conveyor and conveying system "friction factor", due to the use of deep groove roller group and other installation, in the case of special work conditions, according to the friction factor should consider taking a larger value. In the case of friction, the friction coefficient is directly related to the safety of the system, and the friction coefficient of the conveyor directly affects the driving power, the tape strength, the reverse torque and other serious parameters. 

Finally, we have to consider its safety factor: the belt conveyor and conveying system breeds produce fault, the harm is much greater than the degree of conveyor. Therefore, the dark coefficient of the conveyor belt should take a larger value. It should not be too large, because take a larger dark coefficient, it means to choose a higher standard conveyor belt. The greater the strength of the conveyor belt, the greater the thickness of the larger, the greater the lateral stiffness, The worse, beyond the cross across the limit by the time, you can not protect the conveyor belt on the material for the implementation of useful clamping.
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