Construction plan of tubular pile dedicated batching plant


With the steady rise of Chinas economy, the vigorous development of the construction industry, tubular pile dedicated batching plant in the coastal areas of the city-level cities have been popular in the county (city) level cities have also appeared in small and medium-sized tubular pile dedicated batching plant. 

First, the quality of mixing station to determine the investment to fully understand the domestic and foreign manufacturers with the industrys product quality, service capabilities and prices and other information, market research, site inspection of the manufacturers processing, quality assurance capabilities. Can be selected by the defense, bidding and other forms of the final selection of the necessary complete sets of equipment manufacturers, choose quality and cheap products. According to the amount of funds to determine the size of tubular pile dedicated batching plant and grade. Such as the smaller investment, you can choose all the domestic parts of the mixing plant and the lower cost of the host. Such as HZS75 type mixing station selection of a single cylindrical gear reducer driven double horizontal shaft mixer, than the use of two sets of needle and thread balance wheel drive type of the cost of less than 10,000 yuan. If the funds are sufficient investors, in the contract provides for the use of high-quality system components. The electrical control system is also an important factor in determining the grade of the mixing station. The manufacturer has a different degree of automation control system for customers to choose.

Second, the choice of mixing station site Selection of mixing site, should ensure that the venue from the stone field and the sand plant to the distance, to ensure adequate water, and away from residential areas. If you can take full advantage of the hillside terrain, the yard is located in the higher slope of the slope, can reduce the feeding machine feeding height, making the loading machine loading climbing angle is small or no climbing, both energy conservation, Wear. Equipment foundation installation should pay attention to avoid the ground and underground cable, power supply or communication cable. Identify a reasonable device configuration.

Third, the choice of aggregate supply is best to use the loader for the material. Mixing station, such as for road construction (short duration, frequent mobile relocation), will use the quick-loading, modular structure of the mixing station.

Fourth, the choice of aggregate conveyor belt, such as wide site, should be preferred to use a small angle of 18 ¡ã, flat belt conveyor (in order to reduce equipment procurement costs, you can also use the hopper way). If the site area is limited, you can consider the large angle (usually 40 ¡ã ~ 50 ¡ã) ribbed belt machine (with additional belt structure, can reach 90 ¡ã). However, in the humid environment of sand and gravel, the large angle belt conveyor belt has the shortcomings of sticky sand, the belt returns, the belt below the sand phenomenon is more serious, commodity concrete ratio to consider the utilization factor of sand.

Fifth, aggregate batching machine (scale) selection of a complete commodity tubular pile dedicated batching plant aggregate scale cumulative measurement for a scale, a separate measurement of 2 to 4 scales. To ensure that each aggregate has enough storage capacity, each aggregate can be designed into two scales of ingredients. If the construction requirements are low, the choice of two kinds of aggregate aggregate measurement of the machine; if the project has special requirements, you must use three or four aggregate scale cumulative batching machine, or even each aggregate alone Of the ingredients machine.

Sixth, the detection equipment such as with sand water content detector, through the computer control, according to the different water content of sand, can be automatically added online water adjustment. The application of slump detector can effectively observe the homogeneity of commercial concrete. Customers can choose a reasonable configuration and make a provision in the contract as needed.
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