Equipment Management Method of HZN concrete mixing plant


HZN concrete mixing plant equipment how to manage it?
1, mechanical and electrical person in charge should be a day before opening to guide, inspection, supervision, the driver of the equipment "cross". In particular, pay attention to the equipment belt correction, measurement pressure sensor cleaning.
2, in case of continuous casting requirements of large volume of concrete components of the watering. To carry out special process control equipment, the development of appropriate equipment emergency measures
(1) prone to failure of the site to focus on maintenance, and to ensure that the appropriate spare parts reserves;
 (2) to contact the power supply department, requiring it to provide a reliable power guarantee;
(3) to maintain a good state of standby generator technology;
(4) good maintenance, ready to carry concrete transport vehicles (to be slightly surplus). Only when the device is ready to send the equipment ready information to the dispatch.
3, mixing station should be equipped with two hydraulic pipe, in order to use for concrete truck failure, the use of other power will be unloaded in the concrete tank. Appropriate spare picks, timely removal of concrete mixing tank tank solidified concrete. Equipment maintenance, adjustment, maintenance, cleaning, you must cut off the total power switch, and hung up the "maintenance, forbidden to close" warning signs.
4, HZN concrete mixing plant electronic control equipment, high technical content, should be equipped with experienced electrician, electrical equipment for the daily maintenance.
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