The important role of traction for long distance belt conveyor


When using a long distance belt conveyor, the most important thing is to take full account of its traction, and what factors affect the traction. Why is this? Because the professional and technical personnel in the provision of the conveyor, the need for comprehensive consideration of the equipment, such as the length of the conveyor, the transmission distance settings, the choice of conveyor motor power, the impact of the impact of the conveyor, etc. These aspects are also light and light, such as in the design of the conveyor traction in this regard, is the designers main event, because the conveyor in the delivery of materials when the internal force is completely dependent on the traction.

What factors do you need to consider when designing the traction of a long distance belt conveyor? We all know that the long distance belt conveyor is to rely on the conveyor belt to complete the transport of materials, in the process of transport up, generally in the conveyor belt, material and roller interaction between the resistance, especially in the long distance Transport materials, and large-angle transport of materials when the resistance is greater, this time we use the knowledge of physics, that is, we need to have a traction role, the role of traction is the resistance of the material will be smooth delivery and promotion , Play a role in the pull.

In general, long distance belt conveyor will generally carry out large-angle material transport, some angles even tilt to 45 degrees, this time the resistance is the largest, the other part of the roller and the conveyor belt in direct contact, the roller running on the The resistance of the conveyor belt. The third part is the bending motion of the conveyor belt, the longer the conveying distance, the longer the conveyor belt, the equipment in operation inevitably to a certain vibration, resulting in the conveyor belt in the course of running swing, although you can install the retaining roller The scope of the conveyor belt to limit the swing, but still have a certain resistance in the long distance belt conveyor on this part can not be ignored, it can be seen, a long distance belt conveyor function in the process of how much resistance, So this time we should understand the importance of traction. For designers, the more compact the traction design, the less the internal consumption of the conveyor, which is more conducive to improving the performance of the conveyor to extend the life of the conveyor.

With the development of science and technology and progress, large angle conveyor will have greater progress and change, the saying goes: "science and technology to change life" Let us wait and see the big angle conveyor has a better development!
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