Planning Principles of HZN concrete mixing plant


Whether it is a large HZN concrete mixing plant or a small and medium-sized HZN concrete mixing plant, it is necessary to "adhere to a priority, two combined and three favorable" principles when planning.

1, give priority to urban construction needs. The development of the concrete industry must be coordinated with the urban construction planning, conform to the urban development and construction trends and the development trend of the concrete industry, in terms of quantity quality to meet the urban construction of concrete demand.

2, market regulation and government regulation and control combined. In the full consideration of the ready-mixed concrete industry is easy to fall into the vicious competition difficulties, play a market competition mechanism at the same time, to strengthen the governments development and regulation of the industry to promote the sustainable and healthy development of the concrete industry.

3, overall planning and highlight the key combination. Correctly understand and deal with the concrete industry in the development process involved in the various relationships, adjustment, overall planning, based on the overall situation, focus on long-term, reasonable to determine the planning priorities to ensure that measures implemented.

4, is conducive to building a resource - saving and environment - friendly society. Planning to lay the nearest supply, and strive to maximize the allocation of social resources, by reducing or avoiding the generation and discharge of pollutants, accelerate the development and promotion of the application of comprehensive utilization of resources technology to ease resource constraints and environmental pressures, and strive to achieve resource conservation, clean development and sustainable development.

5, is conducive to the coordinated development of upstream and downstream industries. To deal with the relationship between the ready-mixed concrete industry and the construction industry, to promote exchanges and cooperation between industries to achieve common development and win-win situation.

6, is conducive to improving the overall operational efficiency of the industry. By encouraging moderate competition, optimizing the layout of HZN concrete mixing plant to adjust the organizational structure of enterprises, promote management and technological innovation and other means to promote ready-mixed concrete enterprises at a lower cost to provide high-quality products and services.
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