Large inclination belt conveyor-Precision design to improve work efficiency


Large inclination belt conveyor can be said that our processing industry is the most common mechanical equipment. For professional researchers, any one of the mechanical equipment design has spent a lot of effort and wisdom, each device, whether produced or not are the conscience of the researchers, the big angle belt conveyor in a dozen years ago also Just a very common transport equipment, the delivery volume is very small, and the maximum angle may only reach about 20 degrees, and today, large inclination belt conveyor is widely favored for what? It is because of scientific and technological progress, scientific development, improved conveyor into a large angle conveyor, large inclination belt conveyor can now even reach 45 degrees angle safe and stable delivery, which is closely related with the designer ingenuity, today we The secret of the design of the large inclination belt conveyor.

Large inclination belt conveyor has the advantages of reliable operation, simple operation, large transport capacity, high efficiency, easy to realize automation control, and is widely used in many industries, such as coal transportation. The rise of coal transportation can also be said to promote the development of many industries, the first is to promote the development of the conveyor, why, because a few decades ago, we are very backward machinery and equipment, coal transportation is also only rely on human resources to carry out, We are a very large limit, first of all limit the amount of traffic, the amount of traffic and limit the efficiency of the level of efficiency and limit the number of profit, so interlocking, there is no conveyor for the era of industry Production is a shortcoming.

So when did the big dip belt conveyor begin to use? There is a record is started in the last century 60s, the well angle is generally less than 18¡ã, by the quality of tape and components of the restrictions, transport distance and transport capacity are very small.With the development of technology, 80s China to produce their own wire rope Core conveyor belt, so that the belt conveyor in the main shaft of the coal mine has been widely used.Currently Chinas coal mine 85% of the main shaft transport are using belt conveyor, but with the depth of coal mining and other conditions continue to change, large inclination belt conveyor in the coal mine transport gradually occupy a leading position.

Large inclination belt conveyor in the design has certain characteristics and technical difficulties, so the design process should be considered from the following aspects. Several major parameters of the selection: large inclination belt conveyor in the design and calculation, should first seriously consider The selection of the main parameters, because it relates to the reliable realization of the system function and the safe production of the conveying equipment.
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