Long distance belt conveyor need to be alert to fire risk


Long distance belt conveyor in general, the safety factor is still very high, but we still can not rule out the use of machinery and equipment in the event of failure, especially a major failure, this time we should do, in fact, we do not have too much Tension, as long as we calmly treated, will certainly properly solve the problem.

To figure out what to do, we need to know why, what is the cause of the fire accident? What caused the belt conveyor to fire? First the technical staff analysis should have enough heat to burn the fire near the tape. Generally speaking, slippery accidents are the main factors that produce enough heat. Slip is caused by loose tape, large load or tape jam. Tape loose is due to the tensioning force generated by the tensioning device is too small and the elasticity of the tape is too large ; Load freshman is due to heavy load start, the second is due to the load is too large, the third is the tape with the active drum, driven roller between the roller roller friction is too small, such as the inner surface of the tape with water or oil, driven roller bearings Damaged or roller damage; tape jam is mainly buried in coal or sludge tape, so that tape can not run. In addition, electrical equipment explosion, wire short circuit may also cause the conveyor fire.

The cause of a fire accident is that there is enough heat to burn the tape.

So how to deal with the long distance belt conveyor line of fire it, first of all we have to use flame retardant tape, so even if the fire, but also timely control, will not lead to fire spread. Second, to strengthen the maintenance of equipment, belt conveyor timing maintenance is an important factor to prevent the fire. Once again to strengthen the long distance belt conveyor around the clean, cigarette butts, debris, oil stains are an important source of fire hazards, should be severely eliminated. Finally, install the monitoring and monitoring devices, such as the drive roller and the driven roller temperature monitoring device, the smoke alarm device and the automatic sprinkler in the event of fire.
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