Maintenance method of commercial concrete mixing plant


In the actual production and operation of the commercial concrete mixing plant manufacturers, due to a variety of factors leading to the entire concrete mixing plant idle situation, then, for such long-term idle concrete mixing station, how to maintain maintenance can not affect Does the mixing station continue to work?

1) do the whole commercial concrete mixing plant waterproof, rust work. Here the main waterproof refers to the erosion of rain and snow, try to ensure that the mixing station area of the environment dry.

2) For long-term idle commercial concrete mixing plant, the mixing system should be related parts such as mixers, conveyor belts, cement storage, weighing systems, etc. were stored separately stored, so as to avoid loss, damage and so on.

3) regular long-term restrictions on the mixing station bearing and other important structure plus lubricating oil to prevent its long-term operation does not occur after the problem.

4) If you need to use a temporary idle time of the mixing station, then the first empty load should be tested production, check the test run with or without problems, to determine all normal and then on the production.
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